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Touring Boston

Reid Fukumoto of Liberty Mutual Insurance in Aiea and Pearl City, Hawaii Touring Quincy Marketplace in Boston, Massachusetts

During the week of June 2nd to the 6th, I had the opportunity to visit the city of Boston, MA. Although this was a business trip, I did have the pleasure of enjoying the sights and cuisine of Boston.

Why Boston? Well, I work for an insurance company called Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty Mutual is a national insurance company established in Boston in 1912. Liberty Mutual is the fifth largest property and casualty insurance company in the United States. What’s property and casualty insurance? Property and casualty insurance encompasses a lot of different types of policies, but you’re probably familiar with the property and casualty insurance that I sell — auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance.

I was hired by Liberty Mutual about five years ago. Once you reach a certain volume of sales, the company sends you to their home office in Boston. It’s kind of a “thank you” trip and a chance to meet the home office staff. I was lucky that one of my co-workers from Hawaii also qualified for the trip. Otherwise, the rest of our “class” was comprised of people from other states: NY, CT, GA, and WA. It was nice to have someone I knew with me to check out the city.

We arrived in Boston on Sunday around noon, so we had the whole afternoon to check out the city. We decided to check out the Freedom Trail, since someone had recommended it to us. The Freedom Trail was not the kind of trail that I was thinking of. Rather, it was a walk through the city of Boston following a red trail of bricks that are built into the sidewalks.

I had never been to Boston before, so I didn’t know what to expect. What I found as we followed the Freedom Trail, was a city rich with history. The trail starts at the Boston Commons, where witches and criminals were tortured and hanged in public. We went past the City Hall which is still used today. We went past graveyards where some of our forefathers are buried. We also passed places like Paul Revere’s childhood home and the church where he announced that the British were invading (one lamp if by land and two if by sea). We enjoyed lunch and shopping at Quincy Marketplace, a huge hall full of eating places and shops. We both had a lobster roll along with clam chowder to test the local cuisine — both were ono. The trail ended at Bunker Hill, where the British were finally defeated. Like I said, the city is rich with history. I would like to bring my kids back when they start learning about American history. It certainly makes a difference when you’re actually there.

The rest of the trip was mostly at our home office during the days. During the evenings, we had more chances to discover Boston. We turned down a chance to check out a Red Sox game (which we regretted later). We had dinner at Legal Seafood, which was originally established in the 1800s. We were hoping to be in Boston for game 1 of the NBA championship. Unfortunately, we left for Portsmouth, NH on Wednesday evening. Our life insurance company’s home office is located in Dover, NH. Still, we got to check out the game at a local bar — go Celtics!

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