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Wacky Insurance Claims

Have you ever filed an insurance claim?  Many of us who purchase an auto or homeowner’s insurance policy may never ever file a claim.  But for most people, there’s some type of accident or event that can be covered by insurance.  That’s why we have insurance – for the unexpected events in our lives.  Most claims are small – minor fender benders for auto insurance and minor weather related claims for homeowner’s insurance.  Some claims are serious like a motor vehicle accident where someone dies or a total loss to a residence by fire.  Again, that’s what insurance is for.  And some claims are just plain wacky.  They may be big or small, but they’re all quite unusual.  Take a look at the following article for some wacky claims:

Wacky Insurance Claims

Posted 18. Sep, 2010 by Forest in General Articles, Opinion

Wacky Insurance ClaimsInsurance is something we all don’t want to pay but can come in handy in situations that we never planned for. In many cases (like home and car insurance) it’s a necessary evil and although I hate extra monthly expenses it has saved my butt a few times!

Most insurance claims are straight up damage claims of the most common nature. Minor car crash, small storm damage, stolen cell phone and similar. However insurance can cover a wide gamut of situations and sometimes some trulelu wacky insurance claims are filed. Not all get paid but believe it or not some do manage to.

List of Wacky Insurance Claims

The wackiest thing I ever claimed for was falling through a loft and landing on top of the fridge in the kitchen! The fridge probably saved me a hospital visit but it’s not that uncommon to fall through roofs (Ok that statement is a huge assumption, maybe it’s just me that is so clumsy!).

This is a list of the funniest and wackiest insurance claims that I could find from an article on Yahoo (wackiest insurance claims), An article on eList Mania (10 bizarre insurance claims) and and article on Barrington Insurance Brokers (funny insurance claims).

  • A farmers herd of cows got into his games room and went nuts causing $3000 (AUD) worth of damage. The claim was paid!
  • A pet poodle swallowed it’s owners false teeth resulting in a $1500 (AUD) claim that again was paid.
  • A wasp flew up a drivers trousers and got in his underwear causing him to panic and put his foot in the accelerator at a stop light, causing a traffic accident!
  • A grandmother took off her opal ring whilst babysitting her grand daughter. The grand daughter decided the ring matched the cats eyes and tied it to the cats collar. The cat ran off into some nearby forest and the ring was never seen again!
  • A closed bus station toilet was claimed as the cause of a man soiling his underwear and claiming for a new pair of trousers! I think this claim was likely refused.
  • A man pulled out of his drive and hit a bus. He claimed that the bus was 5 minutes early and that was why it wasn’t his fault!
  • Voodoo was claimed as a possible cause of a broken windscreen.
  • Hitting a pedestrian was justified by someone as they said they had to to avoid hitting the bumper of the car infront of them.
  • Power steering was blamed by someone knew to it for doing a small turn that ended with their vehicle facing the wrong way!
  • Another person claimed that the pedestrian they had hit admitted it was their fault because they had been hit before.

Some of these are hilarious but I bet they are no where near the weirdest. I am sure insurance companies process some unbelievable claims.

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